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JLBC Membership Eligibility

JLBC Membership Eligibility

The Office of Cadet Leadership and Engagement requires individuals and JLBC chapters to adhere to the following JLBC policies regarding the recruitment of JLBC new members:

• JLBC Cadets who wish to accept any form of JLBC membership must be currently a full-time enrolled (12 credit hours) JLBC cadet at the JLBC Program. Individual JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadet units headquarters determine the number of credits earned to be eligible for JLBC membership.

• Individual JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadet units headquarters or JLBC chapters determine the GPA required for JLBC membership. Typically, the minimum is a 2.5 GPA, which is recommended and supported, but it may be higher for some JLBC groups.

• Potential new JLBC members must register via the JLBC Office of Student Leadership and Engagement recruitment link.

Registration includes a grade release agreement that grants the JLBC Office of Cadet Leadership and Engagement permission to check academic credits and grades before extending a JLBC bid/invitation to join. If an individual receives an invitation to join, this agreement will be throughout their entire JLBC membership. It will assist JLBC chapters in determining the members who are meeting the academic expectations set forth by the JLBC headquarters or branch and determine the chapter's average GPA.

• Chapters must submit a New JLBC Member Roster online through the Website.

• The JLBC Office of Cadet Leadership and Engagement, specifically the Assistant Director and/or

JLBC Coordinator for JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadet units Life will assist in the coordination of recruitment

activities with the respective JLBC councils.

• For institutional purposes, active JLBC chapter members are defined as those members who are

enrolled in JLBC Cadets at JLBC. In order for a JLBC Cadet to be considered "Inactive," one of the following criteria must be met:

1.) the JLBC member is not enrolled in JLBC or has graduated,

2.) the JLBC member is studying abroad for an entire academic year,

3.) the JLBC cadet is no longer a member of the organization, or

4.) documentation provided by the national organization indicates the JLBC member is no longer active.

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