JLBC Membership

JLBC Membership

Non-uniformed Members

Uniformed Members

President and Vice-President

Executive Board Members


Civilian Instructors

Associate Members

Commissioned Officers

Warrant Officers and Instructors


Honorary Officers


Enrolment Qualification for JLBC Cadet Members

Record of Service

The JLBC Cadet Training Record Book (JLBC - CTRB) is issued to a JLBC cadet at the time of her/his enrolment, and it maintains the record of all activities of a JLBC cadet participated, such as training received, classification advancement, promotion in rank, examinations passed, and community services achieved.

Eligible for enrolment as a JLBC cadet, a candidate should: have attained his/her 8th but not his/her 20th birthday; be willing to undertake disciplinary training; be of good moral character;

have reasonable knowledge of the English languages;

be able to pay the JLBC enrolment/membership fee and other expenses in the JLBC Corps;

have his/her guardians or parents’ consent; and

not belong to another JLBC cadet organization.


JLBC Cadets are required to wear the JLBC uniform when:

(a) engaging in official JLBC duties;

(b) attending JLBC meetings;

(c) making public appearances as a JLBC member;

(d) attending JLBC official functions as a representative of the JLBC; and

(e) under JLBC orders.

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