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JLBC: Members and Guests

JLBC: Members and Guests

To ensure the dignified conduct of the JLBC members and guests. Since an infraction of the rules usually results in a fine being levied, the rules must be well established and available to every member and guest.

JLBC Fines.

The JLBC President of the JLBC Mess has the authority to assess and direct the Vice to collect fines for violations of established JLBC customs and procedures, such as bringing a cocktail glass to the table, smoking before authorized, and leaving the table during the meal without first seeking permission of the JLBC President, or wearing uniform ropes improperly. These fines are administered in good spirit and should not be so excessive as to make them otherwise. Likewise, the Offices of the JLBC Mess should forewarn guests of their possible unintentional violation of these customs. The fine should be defined, and the JLBC members and guests are informed about its nature. Though usually a quarter, the penalty does not have to be financial. JLBC Cadet Companies often extract atonement for violations by having the offense handled in a responsible manner.

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