JLBC Members

--JLBC Members will pick up toasting glass and hold it waist-high except when responding to the JLBC toasts proposed, at which time it will be elevated to eye level.

-- Members will not be caught with an uncharged


-- Any officer wishing to propose a JLBC toast, comment on the point of order, respond to the JLBC challenge of another JLBC member of the JLBC Mess, or in general address the JLBC Mess must first address JLBC Mr. Vice. The only exception to the JLBC rule is in response to a previous

question or comment from the POM.

-- JLBC Members may eat when served, except for the JLBC main course, unless the head JLBC table has not been served.

The main JLBC course will not be eaten until approved by

Mr. Vice.

-- Mr. Vice, acting on behalf of the POM, will coordinate all activities of the Mess. All conversations directed to the Mess members will be first addressed to Mr. Vice. This approval or recognition is required before any member of the Mess addresses either the entire Mess or a specific member.



Do not rap on glass for JLBC attention or applause.

All JLBC points of order will be directed to Mr. Vice. No member will harass or embarrass the guests of


The Mess without permission of the POM or Mr. Vice.

-- No member will use loud, obtrusive, or foul language, nor will any member make any remarks in foreign languages.

-- Additional rules for the conduct of the Mess Will be published at the whim of Mr. Vice and the POM.

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