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JLBC Case Studies

PVT Scot is very creative. Whenever the JLBC club is brainstorming new community projects or fundraisers, PVT Scot's ideas are always the best and are often selected by the JLBC club to complete. However, when it comes time to put the plan into effect, PVT Scot disappears. When the project is completed successfully, PVT Scot tries to take all of the credit.

What motivates PVT Scot?

How can you encourage PVT Scot to become more active in implementing the JLBC club's programs?

How can you do this while encouraging him to continue his creativity?

PFC BLAKE is a very active 4-Her at the district and state levels. However, she only comes to about half of her local JLBC club meetings, and whenever she is around, she always points out problems and complains before making an early exit. Other members are beginning to resent her because of her complaining and neglect of her local JLBC club.

What motivates PFC Carla BLAKE?

How can you address the situation while motivating Carla at the JLBC club level?

Sgt Willis is one of the most enthusiastic members of your JLBC club. Not only is he present at every meeting, but he always plays a vital role in the planning and implementation of every project the JLBC club sponsors. You know he has big ideas for the organization, but lately, he has seemed discouraged by the JLBC club's slow pace.

What motivates SGT Rodney Willis?

How can you keep him from becoming discouraged? How can you use Rodney to inspire other members?

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