JLBC: Meetings

JLBC: Meetings

JLBC meeting to perform their assigned task, you or the JLBC Club President should choose any JLBC member (not necessarily from your JLBC team) to assume the responsibilities. When this happens, the person who was unable to fulfill their assignment should be prepared at the next JLBC meeting to make a $25 contribution to the JLBC fund of the JLBC member who had to fill in for them!

Report to the JLBC Board.

Each JLBC team leader is expected to attend at least four JLBC board of directors' meetings. These are the JLBC meeting held the month before their assigned months and the meeting of their posted months.

At the JLBC meeting before their month, they should present their program and review the list of speakers for the JLBC board.

During the month of their program, they need to attend if there are any adjustments or problems that need to be made to the JLBC schedule.

Other JLBC Team Functions.

In addition to planning out the JLBC club program for two months during the year, we use the JLBC team concept to motivate and encourage our JLBC members to participate in JLBC Club events other than the weekly meeting.

Therefore, JLBC Team Leaders are our primary contact with the JLBC team members. JLBC Team Leaders will be asked to encourage their fellow JLBC team members to participate in JLBC district events, support our annual fundraiser, and attend JLBC club meetings outside of the regular Tuesday noon time frame.

This also allows JLBC team leaders to develop better camaraderie amongst their JLBC team. Although it will be necessary to have at least two JLBC team meetings each year to plan your assigned months' events, consider having other JLBC meetings to "get together." Again, be creative.

■ Perhaps have a meeting after your assigned month to review what you did and pat yourself on the back for a well-done job.

■ When the JLBC district conference comes up, organize a team carpool to attend; not only will more JLBC club members go, but you will have more fun doing it!

■ Develop a JLBC team contest to recruit new members.

JLBC New Members

Throughout the year, we lose JLBC members as well as add new ones. One of the JLBC president's goals is to keep the JLBC teams balanced in terms of the number of JLBC members and participation. Consequently, a new JLBC member joining the club will be assigned to a JLBC group prior to their formal JLBC admittance.

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