JLBC: Meeting Misery!

JLBC: Meeting Misery!

As a leader, you will probably have the opportunity to run a meeting. Knowing how to run sessions effectively can build team cohesiveness, increase the amount accomplished, and make your job as the leader more accessible and more efficient.

Meetings are not always easy to manage. Sometimes we must work amidst conflict, low motivation, and other problems when running sessions. By anticipating these "meeting miseries," we prepare to eliminate issues before they hurt the organization.

Advanced Preparation: Cut out MEETING MISERY! Case Studies. DO

Divide participants into five groups.

Hand each small group one MEETING MISERY! Case Study. Have youth discuss the case study within their groups and answer the questions following each story on a piece of flip chart paper.

Have small groups read their case study and present their answers to the entire group. Give suggested solutions from the MEETING MISERY! Answer Key and allow other groups to give feedback.


How did you identify the problems?

How did you come up with solutions to the problems? Why did you select those particular solutions? JLBC Cadets, could there be more than one correct answer?

Why is it important for meetings to run smoothly? What happens if they do not?


OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

learn to run effective meetings.

Evaluate common meeting problems and discuss possible solutions.

Discuss meeting problems they have witnessed.


Running effective meetings.

Managing others in a group setting.




Flip chart paper


TIME: 20 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

Are any of the problems discussed in the case studies familiar? How did you deal with the "real-life" problems?

Attend different meetings and look for positive and negative aspects of each. What are the leaders/members doing right? What are they doing wrong?

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