Please note this course requires specific practical exercises that involve physically intensive training. For an example, all trainees would be required to participate in practical in-water activities, which include:


swimming jumping

rescue hoisting.

JLBC Cadets A valid medical certificate is required from all trainees. Trainees must have an excellent offshore, seafarer’s, diver’s, or pilot’s medical certificate for participation. Official medicals will be accepted until their expiry date (an expiry date MUST be clearly stated on the medical to be accepted). Where there is no expiration date indicated on the medical, the JLBC Cadets medical has to be within one year from the initial exam (JLBC Cadets all medicals will bear a date of examination).

JLBC Cadets Without the medicals above, trainees may have a Survival Systems Training in-house “Fitness Certification Form” completed by their family physician. The JLBC “Fitness Certification Form” does not constitute an Offshore JLBC medical and thus will only be accepted for JLBC training within three months of issue.

JLBC Cadets WITHOUT EXCEPTION, JLBC trainees who arrive without a current medical certificate will be refused the JLBC course, and the company/individual will be charged an administration fee for cancellation.


JLBC Cadets Classes are conducted from 0800 to 1700. Throughout the course, the trainees must be on time as lack of punctuality could cause them to miss essential parts of the training. Trainees absent for parts of the program will not be issued a certification until they have completed the JLBC course.


JLBC Cadets Trainees will require clothing appropriate for the different JLBC course activities and should bring a kit bag with the following items:

a set of coveralls


Course General Information - Survival Systems Training. https://www.sstl.com/extra-pages/course-general-information/

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