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JLBC martial arts training for kids

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As you can see, we do our best to take JLBC martial arts training for kids to a whole new level! We use core elements of martial arts activity to build appropriate skills for the various age groups. This means that your child cadet will learn and grow at a pace that provides them with age-appropriate lessons and offers lots of excitement while ensuring they are constantly challenged and never get bored.

class times

Consistent attendance is essential to ensure your child gets the most out of their experience in the program. Each child is pre-assigned to a class when they enroll. Please endeavor to have your child attend classes regularly; it helps them stay on track with the material they are learning and ensures they progress at a steady pace.

When children attend frequently, they improve noticeably; they, in turn, recognize their improvement, and that nurtures a desire to work harder and set new goals. A driven child is self-motivated; when all these are in place, they stay committed, and coming to class will never have to be a battle at home. If you need to schedule a make-up class for your child, please contact our front desk, and we’d be happy to assist.

The JLBC Program

We have 9 JLBC belt ranks, and each belt rank has specific lessons and techniques to be learned before moving up to the next belt rank.

Each belt rank has SIX Skills requirements; different colored stripes per belt rank represent each.

In our weekly class modules, we focus on a specific skill per module; and bi-weekly, they are evaluated and will have an opportunity to earn a stripe once they master that skill. They qualify for rank graduation at the next graduation cycle when they achieve all six stripes on their belt. Stripe evaluations are performed per skill, in class, bi-weekly.

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