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JLBC Martial Arts Training

JLBC Martial Arts Training

Real fight without injury to yourself or your opponent. A constant change of fighting partners allows you to try your techniques in a partially controlled situation. The usual distance between partners is 30-36 inches, but this will vary depending on the individual.

Points that will make you a better fighter:

Get in the best physical shape possible. Have a calm mind when facing an opponent. Have an active body, and keep moving when you face your opponent. See through your opponent's attacks.

React as quickly as possible to your opponent's move. When you go in on your opponent, you go in strong and with full conviction. Practice basic techniques and combinations repeatedly.

After a foot sweep, you must strike.

It is not enough to hit with the body; you must hit with the mind and spirit. JLBC belt, who is in charge of leading a class, allows any fighting type?

No! They do not have the experience or expertise to conduct a sparring match properly.

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