JLBC Martial Arts Introduction

JLBC Martial Arts Introduction

Welcome to a brief insight into the JLBC, our Martial Arts, and our curriculum. Military Martial Arts style of Fitness Training is the type of martial arts we study and practice in our JLBC dojo (way place). Military martial arts systems are fighting martial arts styles developed for combat. They focus on areas such as self-defense, grappling, and weapons training. Many of these specialized martial arts programs have been developed by countries with large military forces, such as the United States, Russia, China, and Israel. Think of it as a hybrid of taekwondo, ninjutsu, karate, and kung fu, just to name a few.

As parents or students, all involved will WIN along the journey you have begun towards superhero training! The study and practice of JLBC Martial Arts can be fun for people of all ages (3 and up). It involves/comes from three main areas of focus: Kata, Kumite, and Conditioning.

Kata is the pre-arranged routine that students practice to build confidence in a developing skill set. Kumite is the word used for real-time application (or sparring). Whether practiced through safe, partnership drills, sparring matches (age-dependent), or during individual learning, Kumite helps students understand how to apply their techniques in various situations against one or more opponents. Conditioning the body with improved cardio and muscular endurance, agility and coordination, strength and flexibility, focus, confidence, poise, and more Martial arts training helps give birth to all sorts of productive habits in its students. In addition to kata, Kumite, and conditioning, students engage through other activities and exercises that provide extensive exposure.

Please enjoy your read-through of this material. We can answer any questions or provide you with more information, so please don't hesitate to message us at JuniorLeadership.net or see me or one of the Junior Leadership Bootcamp (JLBC) staff in the dojo.

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