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Dear JLBC Cadet Student,

Congratulations on joining the JLBC Martial Arts & Fitness. This testing requirements website was designed exclusively for our JLBC Cadet students. Please take personal care of your uniform by keeping it clean, neat, updated, and kept in a safe place.

The testing requirements website enables you to record your JLBC Martial Arts training history. This should include JLBC goals, belt test scores (green belt and above only), documentation of seminars, tournaments, demonstrations, and other JLBC Martial Arts activities you participate in. Your JLBC testing website is an essential part of your training. You will be required to bring your tablet to all belt tests.

We appreciate you taking responsibility for maintaining your online booklet and dedication to your JLBC Martial Arts training. Remember, you are an incredible individual who can achieve anything you put your mind, body, and spirit into.

JLBC Martial Arts & Fitness

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