JLBC Martial Arts and Disability

JLBC Martial Arts and Disability

JLBC Methodology

JLBC Cadets This study aimed to determine the physical and emotional benefits of martial arts training for persons with disabilities.

JLBC Cadets, this study describes the methodology used to complete the present study. Information is provided on identifying, recruiting, and selecting research subjects. In

addition, a description of the survey instrument is included. A rationale is provided for the development of a new survey instrument and the use of

specific survey questions. Finally, this chapter describes the procedures used for data collection and data analysis.


Subjects for the study were selected based on participation in martial arts training and have a documented disability. A disabling condition

was defined as any congenital or acquired physical, cognitive, or sensory impairment. No parameters were placed on the severity of a disability, but it must have been considered long-term or permanent by diagnosis. The subject pool was drawn from regions across the United States and Europe.


* Data was gathered using a self-report method. JLBC Cadets A review of the literature was conducted to identify existing survey tools on this topic. No relevant agencies were located; therefore, a new survey instrument was developed for.

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