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JLBC: Martial Arts

JLBC: Martial Arts

JLBC Martial arts are great. JLBC Cadets, I have studied martial arts for several years, and I think it is something every warrior should learn. JLBC Cadets Most serious warriors due to some extent or another. Martial Arts means Military Arts, it does not mean hand-to-hand combat arts, but it has come to mean that to many people. Technically, any soldier or Marine who practices his job is a Martial Artist.

JLBC Cadets Many of the unenlightened might wonder how hand-to-hand JLBC combat training makes one superior to someone who is an expert shot. JLBC Cadets In some cases, it isn't, but in many cases, martial arts training is excellent for marksmanship training. JLBC Cadets Martial arts is a way of training the mind and body. It increases physical fitness, physical agility, and physical and mental balance. JLBC Cadets It physically and mentally toughens a warrior to endure hardship. JLBC Cadets It grows and helps train a warrior's reflexes. JLBC Cadet's Marksmanship training does nothing for a warrior who suddenly has to run several miles.

JLBC Cadets Consider if you will be a master marksman against a hand-to-hand combat specialist. JLBC Cadets In an open field without cover, the JLBC martial artist, armed with nothing but intellect, would be in danger from a marksman with a pistol or rifle. JLBC Cadets It should be noted that this is a scarce situation. JLBC Cadets The marksman cannot shoot the martial artist if the martial artist is behind a brick wall, in a house, in a ditch, etc. JLBC Cadets The marksman usually has to close the distance with the martial artist by going around the brick wall. JLBC Cadets A terrible move because all the JLBC martial artist may need is the blink of an eye at close range to attack and disable the marksman.

JLBC Cadets Another point to consider is that firearms run out of bullets.

JLBC Cadets In the close-range house, room-to-room fighting, troops trained in the martial arts will have an advantage over untrained troops. JLBC Cadets Kicking in a door can sometimes put an attacker face to face with a foe. JLBC Cadets By the time either opponent can aim and fire his weapon; a martial artist will likely have buttstroked, kicked the enemy in the testicles, or had another nasty, debilitating attack.

JLBC Cadets If a prisoner suddenly jumps a captor and one of the two knows martial arts, it is not difficult to guess who the victor will be.

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