JLBC: Martial Arts

JLBC: Martial Arts

These are the most probable occurrences in a fight. This technique series features random techniques and grabs that do not fit into the other categories.

a. Two-handed throat grab

i. KEY DETAILS: Hide neck, step back, roll head out, base.

b. Wall Pin

i. KEY DETAILS: Grab elbows, slide to the side, and rotate.

c. Arm Drag:

i. KEY DETAILS: Opponent posts arm on shoulder, swim hand inside to

grab the wrist, use the other hand to pull elbow across. d. Wrist Grabs (Hand, two-handed, inverted)

i. KEY DETAILS: Establish your base. Bend your elbow to create leverage. Pull towards the thumb.

e. Double Collar grab to trip

i. KEY DETAILS: Swim your hands up through their arms, hug their arms

tightly, move to the side, and trip. f. Muay Thai Clinch Defense

i. KEY DETAILS: Frame your forearm over their arms, posture yourself, and put your other palm on your forehead to block a counter elbow strike.

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