JLBC: Making Meetings Fun

JLBC: Making Meetings Fun

JLBC Cadets The effectiveness of an organization's meetings can determine the entire organization's success. Good discussions can increase attendance and unity, better communication between members and leaders, and productivity. On the contrary, poorly planned meetings can lead to miscommunication, loss of interest, and decreased motivation and productivity. Knowing how to plan and run sessions effectively can make the the job of the leader much more manageable.



Which occurred in the skits and the Top Ten lists the most? Why? How can you improve that part of a meeting?

What were some of the best parts of the meetings? How can the positive aspects of meetings be emphasized?

By identifying problems, we can take care of them. Were there any meeting problems you were unaware of that were brought to your attention through this activity? If so, which ones?


How can your club and organization meetings be improved? What can ideas from this activity be used?

Think of "professional" meetings you have seen or attended (government, military, etc.). Were any problems evident? Why or why not? If there were problems, what were they? How can they be improved?

OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

determine what detracts from successful meetings. Brainstorm solutions to common meeting problems.


Learn to run effective meetings.

Managing groups Working and getting along with others.


Copies of MAKING

MEETINGS FUN Information Sheet for each youth

Copies of GETTING THINGS DONE Information Sheet for each youth

Copies of THE GOOD COMMITTEE Information Sheet for each youth

Flip chart paper


TIME: 30 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

Divide participants into groups of 4-5.

Have groups create a "Top Ten" list of the things they hate most about meetings or items that can/do go wrong at conferences and write them down on the banner paper. Encourage creativity.

Using their Top Ten list as a guide, have groups role-play a mock meeting where everything goes wrong. Have groups present to the rest of the participants.

Compare and contrast what each group had on their lists or skit.

Pass out the handouts MAKING MEETINGS FUN and GETTING THINGS DONE. Give participants a chance to read over the brochures.

Now, considering some of the negative aspects of meetings and using ideas from the worksheets and personal experience, have groups create the "ideal" forum. Using the flip chart, write out the agenda and exactly what would go on.

Have the group role-play their ideal meetings with the rest of the group.

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