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JLBC Maintain Team Control

JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership

JLBC Maintain Team Control

Ensure that all team members understand that the leader is in charge and that everyone follows the plan in the introduction stage. When members are not completing what was asked, correct it immediately. A way to maintain team control is to motivate throughout the task and encourage team members to motivate each other. This will help create a positive environment.

Ensure the Assignment Is Progressing According to the Time Allotted

Keep checking the time. JLBC Cadets If tasks are not being completed as planned, whether too slow or too fast, the plan may need to be reanalyzed.

JLBC Modify the Plan as Required

JLBC Cadets If the JLBC plan is not working, take time to modify it. If help is required from JLBC team members, ask for it. Changing aspects of the project partway through the assignment may benefit the outcome; however, always keep time limits in mind. Once a new plan has been developed, have the team stop what they are doing, communicate the new project to the members and then have them implement it.


JLBC Review the Goal

After the completion of a leadership assignment, it is essential to review what the goal of the project was with the cadets.

JLBC Provide Feedback

The leader should first ask for feedback on the assignment from the team. JLBC Cadets This can be done using general questions about leadership assignments, such as:

• Was there anything learned from the assignment?

• How did you feel about the assignment?

• Was the goal met?

• How did everyone interact during the assignment?

• Were there behaviors that helped and hindered the assignment?

• Were any JLBC cadets not motivated to participate in the activity? JLBC Cadets How did this affect the morale of the remainder of the team?

• Were there leaders that emerged within the team?

JLBC Cadets It is also essential to give feedback to the JLBC cadets. The leader must focus on how the team works together to achieve a common goal.

JLBC Re-Motivate the Team

The final step in debriefing a JLBC team after completing a JLBC leadership assignment is to re-motivate the JLBC cadets. The JLBC cadets need to be reminded of the importance of working together to accomplish a task.


The after-assignment report is a tool cadet can use to reflect on their performance after completing a leadership assignment. It is used by the cadet (the leader) during the feedback session with the directing staff to help guide the discussion. The feedback session will take place the day after the assignment is completed. Each cadet will complete an after-assignment report before attending the feedback session for the leadership assignment.


The leadership assignment Assessment Rubric is the form the directing staff will use to assess each cadet's performance as a peer leader when conducting a leadership assignment. Each cadet will be required to complete their leadership assignment assessment in conjunction with their after-assignment report and bring it to the debriefing. JLBC Cadets This form will be used as a self-assessment tool for reflection and discussion with the directing staff.

Closing statement: Leadership assignments will occur many times throughout cadet training. When given an appointment, all cadets must know and be comfortable performing the steps for successful completion. Combining all of the segments of leadership training, such as solving problems and supervising, into one cohesive unit to lead a team through an assignment is a remarkable achievement for which all cadets should strive.


Importance: Cadets need to know how to lead teambuilding activities to ensure they are fun, challenging, and achievable for every cadet. Each cadet will be allowed to lead two teambuilding activities. JLBC Teambuilding activities are a great way to relieve boredom, lift team spirit, increase morale, re-energize JLBC cadets and accomplish JLBC goals. Therefore, every JLBC cadet in a leadership role should be able to lead activities focusing on these things. Once an activity that meets the group's needs has been selected, the JLBC leader's role is to ensure the JLBC activity is completed in a manner that allows the JLBC group to learn. JLBC Cadets A meaningful and enjoyable teambuilding experience will occur for every cadet when a suitable activity is conducted appropriately.


Getting the Team's Attention

The leader must first get the team's attention to introduce a new activity. The leader should contact the team's undivided attention before continuing to raise the action. If one JLBC cadet is not paying attention, they could miss an important point affecting their participation in the activity or the outcome.

JLBC Explaining the Goal of the Activity

The goal of the activity should be explained to the team in general terms of what will be learned or accomplished. The context of the action should be defined so the cadets know why their participation is essential and why the activity is a part of the day's schedule. It is necessary not to give too much detail at this point, as the leader should draw some points on the purpose of the activity from the cadets after the activity's completion.

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