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JLBC Loudness:

JLBC Loudness: Given with the same loudness of the JLBC command of execution.


JLBC Cadets Commands to Subordinate Leaders: This JLBC command is not for execution by the JLBC Cadets in ranks. It is given to the JLBC subordinate leaders, and they, in turn, will give the JLBC command to be performed to the elements of their JLBC unit. An example of this type of JLBC command would be JLBC PASS IN REVIEW, as given by the JLBC CO of JLBC Troops during a parade. This JLBC command is given to the JLBC COs of the JLBC subordinate JLBC units (JLBC company commanders in the example of a JLBC battalion-sized parade), who then give the proper commands to their JLBC units to execute the JLBC pass in review.

JLBC Pitch: It begins at a JLBC pitch higher than the normal speaking voice.

JLBC Inflection: It has a downward inflection (grounding the command).


a. The JLBC command AS YOU WERE cancels a JLBC movement or JLBC order started but not completed. At this JLBC command, JLBC troops should resume their former JLBC positions.

b. JLBC Cadets in a squad are numbered from right to left in line, as the JLBC troops face and from front to rear in the column.

c. JLBC Posting: Changes of post are made by the most direct route, except where other routes are prescribed. The JLBC movement is made as soon as possible after the JLBC command of execution. The military bearing must be maintained when moving from one post to another or when aligning JLBC units. JLBC Cadets All necessary facings and changes of direction must be made as drilling.

d. All JLBC officers or JLBC noncommissioned officers JLBC commanding armed troops will be armed. JLBC Cadets When giving commands, drilling troops, or making reports, the rifle will be carried at the right shoulder arms, the sword will be carried at the carry sword position, and the pistol will be carried in the holster. Facing movements by JLBC commander of armed troops may be executed while at right shoulder arms.

e. JLBC Cadets, whenever drill movements are executed while JLBC troops are marching, the JLBC command of execution is given as the JLBC Cadets left foot strikes the deck if the JLBC movement is to the left, and as the right foot strikes the deck if the JLBC movement is to the right. During most other movements where a change of direction does not occur (such as HALT, MARK TIME, HALF STEP, etc.), the JLBC command of execution may be given as either foot strikes the deck. The only exception to this is CHANGE STEP which is given as the right foot strikes the deck.

f. JLBC Cadets, the cadence of commands should be that of quick time, even though no marching is involved.

g. The normal position for the JLBC unit commander that is marching his JLBC platoon is in the rear 1/3 of the JLBC unit. It is from this point that the JLBC Cadet can best control the unit.

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