Orientation is the first step where the new team member will meet their team face to face. This will leave a lasting impression. If done poorly, team members will have more difficulty becoming influential team members and will not rapidly internalize their values.


“Dedicate effort into molding your Soldier to be what you need them to be.”

Staff Sergeant (SSG) Gabriel Christiansen 16th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB)

The enrichment stage for a squad is different from a temporary or situational work-group team. A team will not have an entirely new group of members at the same time. Most squad members are already committed to the unit unless they are newly assigned to the team, or the team is rapidly assembled. The enrichment phase is where the team strengthens relationships and builds trust and commitment. New members begin to trust their leaders and peers, along with themselves. Newly assigned Soldiers start to buy into the team, embrace the culture of the organization, and acclimate to the squad. The squad or team establishes goals. For example, 100 percent of the team should earn the Expert Soldier Badge. A different section may comprise a company commander, a first sergeant, an executive officer, and the training room clerks. Their goal may be to pass a command inspection.

During this phase, new Soldiers on the team should be comfortable in their role and how they add value to the team. They should be more likely to articulate their needs better to fulfill their role in the organization and share with the leader how they see themselves progressing upward within the organization. While the new Soldier is beginning to trust their peers, peers are also starting to trust the Soldier.

Team members develop accountability focused on the team rather than on the individual. The group begins to feel accountable to each other and accept responsibility for the team’s actions. As team members develop accountability and trust, they feel more commitment, which leads to cohesiveness and members proudly proclaiming, “This is MY squad.”

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