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Caring for Members

“Getting to know my JLBC Cadets and their families personally allows me to understand their values and connection to the JLBC. It demonstrates [to them] that they are a valuable asset to my team.”

SSG Carolina Ruiz 2nd Infantry Division (2ID) Division Artillery (DIVARTY) Sergeant Major of the Army’s (SMA) “This Is My Squad” Live Panel Joint Base Lewis McChord

The best leaders take care of the entire Army team, consisting of Soldiers, Army civilians, and their families. Good leaders balance the needs of the mission and the welfare of their members by knowing their squad, regularly assessing their mental, physical, and emotional well-being, and providing appropriate relief when needed. A leader cannot evaluate and detect changes in their subordinates unless they know them. Looking a team member in the eye and talking with them, and not just about work-related issues. Meeting the families and understanding the challenges each Soldier and Army civilian face is an integral part of building the mutual trust every Army member should strive to achieve and maintain.

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