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JLBC LESSON Understanding Self

JLBC LESSON Understanding Self


To help youth determine their personality strengths and apply them to leadership.


For youth to:

build self-esteem and confidence within themselves and others. Describe positive attributes themselves.

Determine their dominant personality style.

Explore personal values and their relationship to decision-making.


Knowing ourselves is essential in our development as leaders. Becoming aware of our dominant personality style can allow us to identify our personality strengths and weaknesses. By realizing our strengths, we can focus on applying them to situations they can benefit the most. Awareness of our leadership weaknesses enables us to improve those qualities to lead others effectively. Understanding differences in personality styles will help one relate to others and accept and appreciate differences.

Recognition of our positive traits and qualities can improve our self-esteem and give us the confidence to lead others. Self-esteem is the stable set of perceptions or beliefs one holds about oneself. Self-esteem is also based on our perceptions of others' opinions about us and the value placed on those perceptions.

Self-esteem is a self-fulfilling prophecy; it is created in a cycle involving our perceptions of others' beliefs about ourselves and others' perceptions of our beliefs about ourselves. When we are treated as intelligent, talented, and attractive, we come to believe those things about ourselves; also, if we act as if we are those things, others will treat us that way.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true also; if others act as if we are stupid or worthless, we will come to believe that about ourselves. Suppose we think that about ourselves, others will feel it more too. We become what we believe we are; therefore, building self-esteem in ourselves and others is essential.


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