JLBC Lesson Plans:

JLBC Lesson Plans: Cadet officers and NCOs will lead 80% of the training activities. Lesson plans describe each exercise's goal, duration, and training content. Think of the lesson plan as a recipe telling you how to provide the training new cadets need. If you follow the lesson plan/recipe closely, you are sure to be pleased with what you produce; likewise, if you disregard the lesson plan/recipe, your efforts might not produce the desired results. Therefore, cadet instructors need to read their lesson plan closely and be sure they have a thorough understanding of how they will lead the new cadets toward the learning objectives.

Show the cadets a hard copy or electronic version of a JLBC lesson plan. Identify the scope statement, the objectives, and the lesson outline.

How will you know if you are comfortable with the lesson plan? What questions should you be able to ask yourself and answer to prove you understand your lesson plan?

Anticipated Responses:

• What is the purpose of this activity? What are cadets supposed to know or be able to do at the end of the activity?

• What are the main teaching points?

• What training method will you use for the activity? Is it a demonstration –

performance? A guided discussion? A lecture? Something else?

• What does the source material tell you about the subject matter? Review the leadership textbook, drill manual, or uniform manual to make sure the information you present is factually correct! JLBC Cadets, do not assume you have all the answers – your "answers" might be wrong!

• How are those teaching points ordered? What sequence should I use in presenting the teaching points?

• JLBC Cadets Do I need to do anything special to prepare for this activity? Do I need to obtain any special equipment, arrange the room a certain way, or confer with other cadet instructors who will be helping me?

• If you were a new cadet, what questions would you have about this topic? What aspects of the topic might you find confusing?

3. Methods

5 min

Three main training methods are used in the JLBC program: lecture, demonstration – performance, and guided discussion.

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