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JLBC Lesson: Leadership Skills

JLBC Lesson: Leadership Skills

JLBC Introduction

In the previous lessons of JLBC, students examined the characteristics of effective teams and the stages teams go through in their development. They also examined an individual's role within a team and the keys to effective communication. Effective leadership is one critical element in a team or group's success.

This lesson focuses on the concept of leadership. Students will explore how people become leaders, the skills and methods of effective leadership, and their impact on teams. Students will have the opportunity to determine their current leadership style and practice their leadership skills in various interactive learning activities.

Specific Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate understanding of the characteristics and development of effective teams.

Explore and identify team members' various roles and skills in building effective teams.

Examine the characteristics of influential team leaders and their impact on team development.

Key Understandings

Some form of leadership is needed for teams/groups to be effective.

Influential leaders have particular characteristics and skills.

Leaders demonstrate recognizable styles that may vary based on circumstances.

A leader generally demonstrates a dominant style. An effective leader will recognize when particular circumstances require a different kind and adjust accordingly.

Leaders play specific roles and perform certain functions on teams.

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