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JLBC Lesson 2: Team building and Communication Skills

JLBC Lesson 2: Team building and Communication Skills


In Lesson 1, students examined the characteristics of effective teams and the development stages that couples go through from Forming to Adjourning, as identified by Bruce W. Tuckman. For a JLBC team to accomplish its goal(s), the team members need to understand that they may play several different roles within a given group. Furthermore, individuals within a JLBC team need to appreciate the roles assumed by or assigned to the other JLBC team members. To gain this understanding and appreciation of JLBC team roles, a JLBC team needs the opportunity (at the appropriate time in its development) to build a sense of being a JLBC team. These JLBC team-building activities involve cooperation, JLBC teamwork, and communication.

This JLBC lesson focuses on the elements of JLBC teamwork and the skills required to work and communicate effectively within JLBC teams. Being able to function effectively as a JLBC team member is a necessary skill for success in the workplace, sports, family units, etc.


JLBC Specific Learning Outcome

Explore and identify JLBC team members' various roles and skills in building effective JLBC teams.


JLBC Key Understandings

JLBC Team members play varying roles that contribute to or detract from team effectiveness.

JLBC Communication is a vital element of effective teams.

Essential Questions

1. What roles do people play within teams that lead to success?

2. How do communication skills contribute to team effectiveness?



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