JLBC: Lean on Me

JLBC: Lean on Me

When working with groups of people, it is sometimes easy to overlook the individual. It is important to remember that everyone contributes to their group in one way or another. Each individual must be involved for a group to remain strong.



Each individual was required to do their part for this activity to be successful. Why are individual contributions significant to clubs, organizations, and other teams?

Sometimes, some members do almost everything in organizations, while others do very little or nothing. Why is it essential for all members to be involved? How do members rely on each other for support?

What happens when there is a weak link among group members?


What can you do to encourage members who are not as active in an organization to become more involved?

How can you increase individual contributions and support within an organization?

OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

realize the importance of each individual's participation in the effectiveness of a group. Develop a sense of team with other members. Demonstrate support for one another.


Getting along with others.


TIME: 10 minutes


JLBC Cadets outdoors or comfortable room with enough space for youth to form a large circle.

Have participants stand in a circle and count off ("one, two, one, two..." etc.).

While holding hands, have the "ones" lean into the circle. During the "twos," lean to the outside of the process. Members should be at a 45-degree angle, and the ring should be stable.

Have the participants switch; "ones" should lean to the outside of the circle, and during the "twos," lean to the inside.

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