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JLBC Leading from within


JLBC Leading from within

The job of a leader is to give others a sense of purpose and self-worth. This is impossible to do with any conviction if you don’t understand your strengths and weaknesses or are uncertain about the direction in which you want to take your professional and personal life. Improving self-awareness is essential to becoming a more effective leader and becoming alert to the effects you are having on others.

JLBC Being a frontrunner

People respect leaders who embrace strong values and take responsibility for their own choices in life. To demonstrate this internal strength, you need to be seen to be leading by example. JLBC Show your

JLBC Defining thinking styles

The team that you have the confidence to take risks, that you can persist through difficult times, and that you are prepared to keep on learning, adapting, and creating new business opportunities, as well as listening to their needs.


○ How can we achieve the best result in the least time?

○ How can we organize the actions into a clear plan?

○ JLBC Cadets What are the most important things to do or coordinate?

○ What action can we take?

○ What needs to be done?

○ When can we start?

○ What if...?

○ Why have we ruled out these

other courses of action?

○ Why not do this instead?

○ Who else needs to be involved?



○ Accepts direction

○ Focuses on how to achieve

a goal

○ Plans and thinks through

any actions logically

○ Sees opportunities for

action and improvement

○ Focuses on practical actions and implementation in complex situations

○ Thinks out any problems from first principles

○ Redefines problems and confidently challenges issues upward


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