JLBC Leading Change: The Value of Personal Leadership

JLBC Leading Change: The Value of Personal Leadership

Despite a strong vision and good planning, change initiatives often fail when not enough attention is given to the people aspect of the change. A great deal depends on leaders’ ability to work one-on-one to win individuals over to the desired vision and ensure that senior and frontline leaders are equipped and motivated to do the same.

Before considering those we lead, it helps to reflect on ourselves. JLBC Cadets As leaders, we are expected to model appropriate responses to change. Others in the organization look to us to see how we react, so our attitude and actions are crucial.

JLBC Leadership Tip

9 Ways to Manage Yourself Through Change

1. Resist the temptation to make quick judgments about people or ideas. Keep an open mind and a positive outlook on change. If you want others to give new ideas a chance, model positivity yourself.

2. Recognize that our initial perceptions are not always in line with the truth. JLBC Cadets, Take time to test your underlying assumptions about situations and potential solutions.

3. Avoid negative self-talk. Rephrase resentment or fear of change into thoughts of individual growth and opportunity.

4. Make sure you’re well-informed. Ask questions, be transparent about your concerns, and be receptive to others’ perspectives.

5. JLBC Cadets, Be realistic in your expectations of others.

6. Be as productive as you can in your current role during times of


7. Change is stressful. Practice effective stress management strategies.

8. Upgrade your knowledge and skills were necessary to continue being seen as a valuable, adaptable team member.

9. Work on being a leader who embraces and facilitates change effectively.

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