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JLBC leadership vs. management

JLBC leadership vs. management


Leaders are individuals who do the right thing

Leadership is about coping with change

Leaders are concerned with what things mean to people

Leaders are the architects

Focuses on the creation of a shared vision


Managers are individuals who do things right (Warren Bennis)

Management is about coping with complexities (John Kotter)

Managers are concerned about how things get done (Abraham Zaleznik)

Managers are the builders (Jhon Mariotti)

Management is the design of work; it is about controlling (George Weathersby)

Leadership has about it a kinesthetic feel, a sense of movement about it

Management is about 'handling' things, maintaining order, organization, and control (Kouzes and Posner)

Source the 8th habit by Stephen R. Covey (2004)

The choices between leadership versus management are profound, and both are highly valuable to a strong organization.

Are leaders born or acquired?

Although some people are indeed born with more excellent natural gifts than others, the ability to lead is a collection of skills, nearly all of which can be learned and improved, but that process doesn't happen overnight.

In a study of ninety top leaders from various fields, leadership experts Warren Bennis and Bure Nanus discovered the relationship between growth and leadership. "The capacity to develop and improve their skills distinguishes leaders from their followers." Successful leaders are learners. Moreover, the learning process is ongoing due to sect discipline and perseverance. Each day's goal must be to get a little better and build on the previous day's progress.

Characteristics of an effective leader

Search for opportunities for change and improvement: A leader is rarely satisfied with the way things are. Instead, the leader regularly takes their nose off the grindstone.

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