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JLBC Leadership Styles.

JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

JLBC Leadership Styles.

JLBC Cadets Before we can delve into different JLBC leadership theories and models, it is important to discuss different leadership styles. JLBC Cadets A leadership style is a leader's style of implementing plans, providing direction, and motivating people. Experts list several types, and few lists agree, but many overlap. The three classic leadership styles, which Kurt Lewin proposed in 1939, are democratic, autocratic (also generally identified as participative), and laissez-faire (French for "to leave alone"). JLBC Cadets The two ends of the spectrum are laissez-faire and autocratic, with many other styles falling between the two classes and often overlapping or having aspects in common. The most commonly listed types are defined here, listed alphabetically.

Affiliative. Daniel Goleman first described this type of leadership in 2002 as one of his six leadership styles. JLBC Cadets An affiliative leader promotes harmony among their followers and helps solve conflicts. JLBC Cadets This type of leader will also build teams that ensure their followers feel connected to each other. Typically the JLBC Cadet followers will receive much praise from this style of leader; however, poor performance tends to go unchecked. (Business Dictionary, 2017)

Authoritarian or Autocratic Command. JLBC Cadets An authoritarian leadership style is personified when a leader dictates procedures and policies, decides what goals are to be achieved, and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the subordinates. (Business Dictionary, 2017) Such a leader has complete control of the team, leaving low autonomy within the group. The leader has a vision in mind and must be able to motivate their group to finish the task effectively. The group is expected to complete the tasks under close supervision, while unlimited authority is granted to the leader. Subordinates' responses to the orders given are either punished or rewarded.

Bureaucratic. JLBC Cadets A style of JLBC leadership that focuses on procedures and historical methods regardless of their usefulness in evolving environments. JLBC Cadets Bureaucratic leaders attempt to solve issues by adding layers of control.

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