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JLBC Leadership styles:

JLBC Leadership styles:

The patterns of behaviors that a leader uses to influence others

JLBC Leadership Styles

Leadership styles are the patterns of behaviors that a leader uses to influence others.

Authoritarian leaders use positional power and direct authority to influence others. Democratic leaders use personal power and involve their followers in decision-making and problem-solving processes. Laissez-faire leaders take a hands-off approach and give their followers little or no direction.

People sometimes think you are one type of leader or another. However, in practice, influential leaders use different behaviors in different situations. For example, because of your personality, you might be inclined to be autocratic with others; but when you are in a leadership role, you realize that people don’t always need as much direction as you’d like. In some situations, giving too much exposure can lower your effectiveness. Imagine how you would feel if a leader gave you step-by-step directions for brushing your teeth. You might think they were treating you like a little kid. Imagine how you’d feel if a leader told you to program an animated phone game. You’d probably be pretty confused unless you received directions and training.

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