JLBC Leadership Skills Course Outline

JLBC Leadership Skills Course Outline

JLBC Unit 1: JLBC Command Skills for Success

Discover How You Learn

Find a Place to Study

Learn How to Study

JLBC Unit 2: Management Practices & Principles

The Supervisor: Manager and Leader

Effective Communication

Creating a Positive Work Climate

Building Teams and Managing Conflict


Developing Job Expectations

Recruiting Employees

Selecting Employees

Orienting and Training Employees

Performance Evaluation

Disciplining Employees

JLBC Unit 3: Interpersonal Communications

Aspects of a Positive Workplace Environment


Diversity in the Workplace

Team Building

JLBC Unit 4: Critical Thinking Skills

JLBC: Introduction to Critical Thinking and the PANIC Method

Inference and Judgment


Forming Strong Conclusions through Predicting

Rhetorical Strategies

Critical Theories

Deductive Reasoning

Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking

JLBC Unit 5: Time & Stress Management

Lifetime Patterns (Values)

The Power of LifeTime Habits

Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes Choosing Your Priorities

Planning and Scheduling Activities

Interruptions, the #1 TimeThief



Self-Esteem and Time Management

Stress Management

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