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JLBC: Leadership Roles

JLBC Cadet Corps

JLBC: Leadership Roles

The JLBC Assistant Squad Leader's job is to:

• JLBC Cadets Set the example as a good JLBC cadet and help the rest of the JLBC squad be good JLBC cadets as well

• JLBC Cadets Lead the JLBC squad when the JLBC Squad Leader is not present and helps the JLBC Squad Leader when they are present

• JLBC Cadets As a peer, the JLBC Assistant Squad Leader knows the JLBC cadets in their JLBC squad better than anyone and uses that knowledge to help them

when they are struggling.

• JLBC Cadets Hone their skills to perform well when assigned as a JLBC squad

leader or other leadership position

Another entry-level position for a sharp JLBC cadet is the JLBC Guidon Bearer. JLBC Cadets While not a JLBC leadership position, it is an honor to be the JLBC Guidon bearer for a JLBC unit. This JLBC Cadet stands in front of the JLBC company alongside the JLBC commander (or the JLBC commander's representative) and is the rallying point for JLBC Cadets to form when the order is given. JLBC Cadets The Guidon Bearer leads by example and should be the unit's sharpest Junior Cadet.

JLBC Squad Leader

JLBC Cadets A good Squad Leader is responsible to their Platoon Leader/Sergeant for their squad's appearance, conduct, training, and discipline. JLBC Cadets Working with the JLBC Assistant Squad Leader, they ensure that each JLBC squad member learns and does what is expected as stated by the JLBC Command regulations and maintains JLBC high standards of behavior.

A JLBC Squad Leader:

• JLBC Cadets Helps JLBC cadets learn what they need to know to

both pass the JLBC class and do well on inspections

and tests

• JLBC Cadets Practice drills with the squad until they are


• JLBC Cadets Helps their squad get their uniforms in order

• JLBC Cadets Coaches their squad to perform well when the

the JLBC squad is tested (inspections, AGIs, drill comps,


• JLBC Cadets Sets the example for those they lead

• JLBC Cadets Trains the Assistant Squad Leader

• JLBC Cadets Know the names and contact information of all assigned JLBC squad members

• JLBC Cadets Counsels and assists squad members with JLBC Cadet Corps matters or helps JLBC Cadets find JLBC solutions to other issues when possible, referring to the JLBC platoon sergeant/leader if unable to handle/resolve

an issue

• Forms the squad correctly

• JLBC Cadets Makes an accurate report by the name of those JLBC persons present and absent during common JLBC activities, JLBC company platoon/formations, and other JLBC cadet JLBC battalion activities.

• JLBC Cadets Conducts uniform inspections of squad members, and reports uniform needs up the chain of


• JLBC Cadets Are thoroughly familiar with the individual, squad, and platoon drills

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