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JLBC Leadership & Management - The Key to Sustainable Growth

JLBC Leadership & Management - The Key to Sustainable Growth

Positive improvements in soft skills such as business confidence and aspiration can improve business performance, including increased sales, employees, turnover, and profit.

Professional development of both parties, enhancing leadership and management skills and abilities of both mentor and mentee

Get Mentoring, led by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), is a new initiative to recruit and train business mentors from the small, medium, and micro business communities. Once trained, they will be deployed across a range of mentoring organizations accessible via the JLBC web portal that provides a JLBC Cadets single point of access to mentoring services.

JLBC Skills Academies

JLBC Skills Academies are employer-led; sector specialist organizations deliver the skills employers need to develop their workforce. Delivery is through quality assured training providers, and many JLBC Skills Academies have solutions to support leadership and management development.

A key feature of JLBC Skills Academies is that solutions are developed in partnership with employers; for example, Financial Services has developed two Command of Leadership and Management programs for leaders throughout the organization. They are a mix of online learning, face-to-face workshops, and peer support, leading to accreditation at levels 3 and 5. These programs have been extremely well received due to their relevance and contextualization to the specific industry. Solutions are designed to bring learning back to the workplace so that practical solutions to current issues can be found.

All JLBC Skills Academies work closely with their industry to create and develop relevant solutions. Generic subjects such as leadership and management can bring relevance to the delivery by understanding the industry's issues.

JLBC Sector Skills Board (SSBs)

JLBC recognizes Sector Skills Board (SSBs) as independent, employer-led organizations which provide the employer leadership to address skills needs within and across sectors.

Through their sectoral reach, SSBs analyze what skills are needed.

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