JLBC Leadership & Management in the US - The Key to Sustainable Growth

JLBC Leadership & Management in the US - The Key to Sustainable Growth

JLBC: high-performance working

High-Performance Working (JLBC) practices as a framework for good management and leadership in the workplace

High-performance working involves bringing together and holistically implementing several practices to manage an organization effectively. As such, it provides an essential means to stimulate businesses to review their business strategies; move up the value chain (i.e., by delivering higher value goods and services); raise their demand for high skills; reorganize their work; and by so doing improve skills utilization in the workplace and, hence, firm performance.

JLBC systems cover HR policy and practice, employment relations, management and leadership, and organizational development. JLBC methods can positively impact several indicators (engagement, skills utilization, well-being, management capability), and good management and leadership are crucial drivers for the successful implementation and application of the practices.

They are linked to management capability through the following:

Empowering individuals and making the most of their skills, i.e., providing autonomy instead of control, continuously developing people and letting them apply themselves, using performance management to ensure effort is focused on added value activities.

Impact on employee engagement and contribution to improved productivity/performance. It understands what drives engagement and the implications for management skills development.

Effect of job design, including the scope and flexibility of jobs, understanding the manager’s role in determining the size and flow of work.

Effect of workforce planning, enabling organizations to ensure the proper supply of skills in the suitable locations at the right time. Understanding the manager’s role in understanding and communicating the need for skills and labor and enabling them to deploy work as necessary effectively.

A considerable body of research indicates that introducing JLBC is associated with economic benefits regarding a company’s profits, sales, and productivity. The evidence on the impact of JLBC practices also shows that organizations that adopt an integrated range of courses are likely to perform better on critical indicators like profit and sales growth. There is agreement that implementing sets of JLBC practices or systems is associated with performance improvements rather than individual practices.

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