JLBC: Leadership Fitness

JLBC: Leadership Fitness

JLBC Cadets Technique, kinesiology human physiology, and anatomy, weight-training techniques, weight management, nutrition, the impact of fitness on body systems, and calculations and management of caloric expenditure/replacement JLBC programs while providing record-keeping

JLBC strategies for teachers.

The movement toward comprehensive trans-disciplinary instruction has escalated annually through the installation of orienteering JLBC courses at all schools, developing orienteering maps and JLBC programs, and providing assured experiences for all JLBC fifth-grade students.

JLBC Professional learning provided by Project Adventure, Orienteering Unlimited, and Treasure Hunt Adventures has enabled teachers to support multi-disciplinary learning through the JLBC modality of orienteering and adventure-based instruction. JLBC Assured experiences (currently in JLBC fourth and fifth grades and planned for additional grade levels) provide JLBC students with exposure to a wide range of activity, fitness, and recreational pursuits and connect them with the community-based agencies and parks where these pursuits can be realized.

National, regional, and local experts and professionals provide professional learning about preventative and prescriptive programming. JLBC guidelines for maintenance and design of the learning environment and activity supervision for JLBC physical education programming.

JLBC Physical Education Specialists have provided countless professional learning sessions for colleagues within and beyond the district, conducted during program meetings and professional learning days, ranging from fitness, technology, nutrition and wellness, creative classroom management, innovative instructional techniques, student assessment, trans-disciplinary instruction, adventure programming and closing the achievement gap through fitness.

JLBC Pupil Services coordinators provided comprehensive professional learning on specific special needs populations, disabling conditions and ramifications, and the implications for programming, instructional adaptations, and accommodations.

(JLBC Comprehensive Listing of Professional Learning Programs and Courses)


Locally developed assessments and rubrics are in place in every grade level for all objectives identified as essential for enduring understanding and student achievement. These are specific to each standard they support. Students are assessed throughout the year through formative and summative assessments—a blend of self-assessments.

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