JLBC: Leadership continued

JLBC: Leadership continued

b) Investigate and self-assess the relationship between body composition, nutrition, family history, and physical activity levels, and develop a plan for maintenance or improvement.

c) Use various resources, using available technology when feasible [digital recordings], to assess, monitor, and improve personal fitness.

d) The student will participate in an annual standardized physical fitness assessment. (For example, Presidential Youth Fitness Program)

e) Demonstrate the ability to calculate resting and target heart rate.

f) Monitor heart rate before, during, and after vigorous physical activity.

JLBC Responsible Behaviors

The JLBC Cadets will work independently and with others in cooperative and competitive physical activity settings.

a) JLBC Cadets exhibit fair play and act responsibly in physical activity settings.

b) JLBC Cadets Identify positive and negative effects of peer influence.

c) Exhibit respect for the unique characteristics, diverse backgrounds, and varying abilities of peers.

Physically Active Lifestyle

The student will demonstrate a physically active lifestyle, including activity within and outside of the physical education setting.

a) Participate regularly in health-enhancing and personally rewarding physical

activity during unscheduled times.

b) Analyze and evaluate personal behaviors that support or do not support a healthy lifestyle.

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