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JLBC: Leadership Branding yourself

JLBC: Leadership Branding yourself

So how do you develop yourself as a leader able to thrive in today’s shifting corporate world? One way of answering that is to think of what you can deliver to your customers as a brand. Your brand signals your professional, technical, and functional knowledge and skills.

How to develop continuously

Assess your competencies and match them with customer needs

Leaders with the ability to be agile to build virtual networks and alliances quickly will be the long-term winners.

Recognize your potential for developing

your position in the market. Aim to develop yourself much as you would steer a brand. Shape your product (what you offer) to anticipate customer demand and develop your identity to make the best fit with desirable clients. For example, should your next client be a small enterprise where you can work closely on your entrepreneurial understanding, or should it be a large corporation where you can refresh process management knowledge? Consider your next step carefully—how will it shape your brand?


Take an assignment to stretch you.

Listen to customers; engage with others; join networks; initiate alliances

Learn from best practice

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