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JLBC Leadership Behavior: Beyond You

JLBC 12 Principles of Great Leadership:

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Leadership Behavior: Beyond You

Leverage influence for the sake of others.

Defining Beyond You Leadership

As you observe leaders growing and having more significant influence within an organization, it is easy to see how they might use that influence to benefit themselves, whether making decisions go their way or reaping the rewards of others' success. Yet, accurate Leaders Worth Following always consider how their influence can assist those around them. These leaders recognize that their success is often owed to those who support and follow them.

"Beyond You" leaders fearlessly and selflessly empower other leaders and those coming along beside them.

Three critical elements in the sentence capture the essence of a "Beyond You" leader.

Fearlessly – This means that you are not afraid of the 25-year-old kid in your organization who is more intelligent than you. The one that you hand your phone to for help with an app. The one that is cooler and hipper than you. You pour into that leader even though they may one day take your place.

Selflessly – I will pour into a young leader without any return on my investment. A Beyond You leader says, 'Regardless of what I get out of this, I will pour into the young leader.'

Empower: If you are a leader in any capacity in your organization, then you have power. And the Beyond You leader leverages their passion for the sake of the other people in the room.

It is easy to get caught up in growing your leadership. However, we often learn the most when we teach others. Investing in other leaders can provide an exponential growth opportunity for you and them.

"Beyond you, leaders fearlessly and selflessly empower leaders around them and those coming along beside them."

Leadership style tip: Make time for "Beyond You" leadership to invest in those who follow you.

1) Is there anyone on your team by whom you might be threatened and who you might have a hard time fearlessly leading? Why? 2) Why do you think a "Beyond You" culture is desirable?

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