JLBC Leadership assessment/spot report

JLBC Leadership assessment/spot report: Leadership behavior is assessed and recorded on JLBC Form 001-1A-R, Leadership Assessment Report. This report is designed to capture leader behavior in structured leadership opportunities and non-structured, candid demonstrations of leader behavior as a Spot Report. The samples below show examples of each.

JLBC The Leadership Assessment Report includes:

A. Summary Ratings in each observed leadership attribute and core leader competency

JLBC Cadet Overall Rating for the leadership opportunity

C. Summarized narrative that encapsulates the overall performance of the leader

D. Summary of key counseling points and corrective actions

E. Administrative information

F. Cadet's signature verifies counseling is correctly reflected on the report

JLBC The Spot Report notes significant leadership behavior demonstrated when the JLBC cadet is not in a structured leadership opportunity. Spot Reports generally focus on actual positive or negative behavior. Since it provides candid insight into unguarded behavior on the part of the JLBC cadet, it reflects information that may be extremely important to development. Spot Reports are beneficial for JLBC cadre members who are not formally assessing JLBC cadets but note behavior that might be important. Since Spot Reports may be generated by observers who will not have an opportunity to counsel, the JLBC cadet counseling requirement is omitted. However, if the cadet's primary assessor (MS III Advisor, Plt TAC, etc.) suggests the JLBC cadet based on a Spot Report observation, the counseling portion of the report will be completed. Spot Reports will include:

A. Summary ratings in each observed leadership attribute and core leader competency

B. An Overall rating that assists in quantifying the overall impact of the behavior observed

C. Summary narrative describing the behavior noted

D. Summary of counseling, if conducted; otherwise omitted

E. Administrative information (check box indicating Spot Report, indicate the location of observation instead of leadership position)

F. Rated JLBC cadet's signature, if counseling conducted

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