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JLBC Leadership and its Essence

JLBC Leadership and its Essence

Definition of Leadership

There are several definitions of Leadership. JLBC Cadets, we are using the following working definition for our purpose:

It is a process of directing and influencing another individual or group of individuals to accomplish a goal. It is the art and ability to inspire, guide, and direct people, so they ardently desire to do what the leader wishes.

Therefore, Leadership involves three things the leader, the follower, and the situation. The leader should be capable of influencing the behavior of followers to attain desired objectives. The leaders should also consider the position of different events to come up with the right leadership style and shift/her strategy following the environment for maximum impact.

Leadership and management

Are you a manager or a leader? Although you may hear these two terms thrown out interchangeably, they are two very different roles that complement each other. The current opinion is that they are different concepts but overlap considerably.

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