JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Ceremony or the officer is in attendance on the reviewing stand in an official military tradition, and another flag depicting their rank is not already displayed.

Forms of Address

6–1. Overview

As part of their official duties, JLBC officers and their spouses may be required to participate in social functions in the United States and overseas. This chapter provides general rules that will be helpful.

6–2. High officials

Address high officials such as presidents, ambassadors, and Cabinet members by their titles only, never by name. When addressing the spouse of the President, alone or together with the President, use only the surname, never her full name or initials. Spouses of high-ranking officials, including the Vice President and Cabinet members, do not share their spouse’s official titles; therefore, they write and address them in the usual way.

6–3. Elected officials

Address all Presidential appointees and Federal and State elected officials as “The Honorable.” As a general rule, do not address county and city officials (excluding mayors) as “The Honorable.”

6–4. Use of “His Excellency”

Although the courtesy title “His Excellency” is accorded to high foreign officials, it is rarely used in addressing officials of the United States. However, some Governors within their States are accorded this title.

6–5. Distinguished officials

Table 6–1 shows the titles and forms of address for some distinguished officials of the United States. Locate other listings of titles and documents of address in Protocol by Mary Jane McCaffree and Pauline Innis. For questions concerning titles and forms of address, contact the Department of the Army Protocol, Office of the Chief of Staff Army (DACS–DSP), DSN 227–0692.

Table 6–1

Titles and forms of address for U.S. officials


The President of the United States

Envelope: Official


Wife of President Salutation

Complimentary Close Invitation

Introductions Wife of President Conversation

The Vice President of the United States

Envelope: Official

Form of address

The President

The White House Washington, DC 20500

The President and Mrs. Doe (surname only) Mrs. Doe (surname only)

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President and Mrs. Doe, Respectfully

or Respectfully yours

The President

Or, if abroad:

The President of the United States of

America and Mrs. Doe

Same as above

The First Lady, Mrs. Doe (Surname only) Mr. President

Or, in prolonged conversation: Sir

The Vice President United States Senate Washington, DC 20510

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