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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

e. During the Pledge of Allegiance, the cadet will stand at attention while in uniform. In civilian clothes, stand at attention and place the right hand over the heart.

f. When the cadet is outdoors in uniform, and the National Anthem is played, the cadet will stand at attention, face the flag or music, and render the hand salute until the music stops.

g. If a cadet is late for a formation, they will approach the person in charge when the building is at a halt, salute, and request permission to fall in.

h. Cadet officers and NCOs should courteously correct saluting violations when such violations are made by cadets junior to them.

i. When in uniform and both arms are full, only a verbal greeting, “Good morning, sir or ma’am,” or “Good afternoon, sir or ma’am,” is required. The officer will acknowledge the verbal greeting in the same manner. No salute is exchanged.

j. The JLBC campus is a saluting/hat area except for the bus lane area and portable classroom area. Saluting and headgear wear is mandatory during extra-curricular activities and field trips as directed by SASI/ASI. Cadets will wear their caps outside the front of the school and to/from vehicles.


The following procedures will be followed at the beginning of each class period:

1. Cadets will sit at their desks at attention before the bell rings. All personal items need to be put under the desk, and the right arm parallels the cadet across the desk. They may whisper before the bell rings, but they must be silent when the bell rings.

2. When the bell has rung and the class has quieted, the CC will call the “ATTENTION” and then direct them to a “HALF-RIGHT FACE.”

3. You will now say the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States

4. When finished, your CC will say “CENTER FACE.” Cadets will then raise their right arms and make a fist with their hands. The cadets will now display the Cadet Honor Code.

5. The CC will call “ELEMENT LEADERS REPORT.” After the element leaders have reported, the CC will contact “READY HU.”

6. The CC will then call the command “PARADE REST.”

7. The Superintendent will take the role. When your name is called, come to “ATTENTION” and say “Here, Sir/Ma’am,” and then promptly return to “PARADE REST.”

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