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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

d. Cadet fails to wear the uniform on the designated day and is present in class: Grade will be a zero with no makeup opportunity.

e. Cadet wears the uniform but is found wearing it incorrectly, wearing civilian clothes with the uniform, or major grooming violations: Grade will be a zero with no makeup opportunity.


Any cadet on a co-curricular team who misses uniform wear may be suspended from the group and competitions. The cadet also loses the right to wear the team cord/pin if awarded.


a. Class A Uniform – Dress Coat, Tie/Tab, Entire Uniform

b. Class B Uniform – No Dress Coat, Keep the Tie/Tab

c. Class C Uniform – No Dress Coat, No Tie/Tab (Most Common)

d. Option1–Cadet Battle Uniform (CBU)

e. Option 2 – Cadet PT Gear

f. Option 3 – Cadet Polo, Cadet T-Shirt (for community service)

g. Semi-Formal Uniform - Consists of the blue uniform with a white button-down long-sleeve shirt and JLBC-issued tie/tab or black/navy bowtie (males only), is authorized for the Military Ball. The white shirt is purchased at the cadet’s expense.

6. UNIFORM STANDARDS: Each member of the DHS Cadet Corps must maintain high standards of uniform dress and personal appearance. Cadets will comply with the following criteria:

a. Keep the uniform clean, neat, and pressed.

b. Keephandsoutofpockets.

c. Keep all buttons buttoned and zippers zipped.

d. Donotputbulkyitems/jingling change in pockets.

e. Keep shoes shined and clean; this includes the heels and edges of the soles.

f. Keep all-metal devices such as belt buckles, badges, ribbons, or insignia clean.

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