JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

g. When the military uniform is worn to school, only authorized uniform items will be worn with it. Do not mix uniform things with civilian clothing at any time.

h. Uniform covers/caps will be worn outdoors. Always take hats off when indoors. It may be carried in your hand or backpack when not worn. Berets in white or dark blue may be worn with officer insignia or a mini Hap Arnold pin. Berets may be worn on regular uniform days with the blue uniform only.

i. Keep the shirt tucked in neatly with the gig line (shirt edge, belt buckle, and trouser fly) lined up in a straight line and trim off all loose threads. Replace missing buttons promptly.

j. Cadets will wear JLBC-issued shoes. Shoes should have a high shine with the edges of the soles and heels black. Edging will be clean and free of dirt.

Exception: Female cadets may wear black leather or leather-looking, plain, close-toed heels or flats without decorative stitching or designs with the uniform (requires ASI approval). If purchased, ensure they can be returned if not authorized with the uniform.

k. Headphones/earbuds will not be worn while in the cadet uniform. 7. CLASS-C UNIFORM SETUP:

a. Blue Shirt w/ White V-neck T-Shirt. Shirts will be pressed/dry cleaned and worn with the shirttail pulled down tightly in the pants and tucked in at the sides. The only creases on the shirt will be down the sleeves. Items will not be carried in the shirt pockets. The short-sleeve shirt will be worn with all buttons buttoned except the top with the collar open. Junior/Senior females may wear the princess cut shirt. All cadets will wear a white V-neck t-shirt under the blue shirt with ranks and a blue name tag at a minimum. RIBBONS ARE OPTIONAL.

b. Blue Pants. The pants will be zipped and buttoned. Attention must be paid to the back pocket button on the men’s trousers. The bottom of the trouser legs will touch the shoes in such a manner as to cause a slight break in the crease. The back of the trouser leg will be hemmed to be 7/8 of an inch longer than the front. Hemming issues should be brought to the ASI for correction.

c. Flight Cap. The male flight cap (garrison cap) will be worn slightly to the right with the vertical crease of the lid at the center of the forehead in a straight line with the nose and approximately one (1) inch above the eyebrows. The female flight cap is worn the same manner as the male cap, except it may be one (1) to one and a half (1-1/2) inches above the eyebrows with the top of the lid opened to secure it to the head. Hair may show in the front of the cap.

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