JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

d. Belt. The male belt is threaded through the loops of the trousers to the left and the female strap to the right. When buckled, only the metal on the tip of the belt should show. The adjustable belt clamp on the belt buckle is used to change the length of the belt.

e. Shoes and Socks. The issued black shoes will be laced to the top, tied, and shined to a high gloss. Black calf-high socks are mandatory.


a. Wear all items listed above for Class-C.

b. Cadets will button the top button of the shirt collar and wear the tie (males) or tab (females).

Note: The Blue Jacket/Windbreaker will be issued to cadets and may be worn with either Class-B or Class-C uniforms ONLY. When worn, cadets must wear their cadet rank on the jacket's collar. The zipper will be zipped up at least 3⁄4 when worn.


a. Wear all items listed above for Class-B.

b. Wear a blue dress coat. The outside pockets of the dress coat are for decorative purposes only. The dress coat may be removed in the classroom if it becomes too warm. The necktie is mandatory and will not be removed or loosened even though the skin is removed. The coat will be buttoned when worn. Cadet ranks, silver name tags, and ribbons are mandatory on the dress coat.

c. The windbreaker WILL NOT be worn with the Class-A uniform.


An a. The Battle Uniform (ABU) may be worn as directed for a uniform grade based on the consistent schedule.

b. Cadets classified as sophomores, juniors, or seniors who have demonstrated proper wear of the blue uniform, may be issued ABUs if available. Cadets will usually be required to purchase their boots.

c. Cadets must wear the ABU uniform correctly, including cover, sand t-shirt, name/JLBC tapes, belt, green socks, and sage green boots.


a. Medals will not be worn simultaneously with the ribbons. Medals may be worn for

formal, semi-formal, and special occasions ONLY. The order of precedence will be enforced.

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