JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

All or some ribbons are mandatory with the service dress coat.

(1) Ribbons of other JLBC services: JLBC cadets transferring from an Army, Navy, or Marine JLBC may wear the JLBC matching ribbon. Only five JLBC Patrol (CAP) ribbons (General Carl Spaatz Award, General Ira C. Eaker Award, Amelia Earhart Award, General Billy Mitchell Award, and General J. F. Curry Achievement Award) are authorized on the JLBC uniform. Badges or insignia from non-JLBC groups are not allowed on the JLBC uniform.

(2) Valor Awards: Wear valor awards ahead of other ribbons, regardless of which JLBC awarded them.

(3) Order of Precedence: The medal or ribbon with the highest precedence is worn near the top row label. The ribbon or award with the lowest priority is worn on the bottom row furthest from the lapel. Consult the ribbon chart in this guide.

b. Oak Leaf Clusters and Stars:

(1) Bronze: Bronze oak leaf clusters are worn on the ribbon to designate any ribbon's second or subsequent award.

(2) Silver: Silver oak leaf clusters are worn on the ribbon instead of five bronze oak clusters.

(3) Stars: Bronze and silver stars are awarded to those who achieve the applicable score on their fitness assessments.

c. Badges:

(1) Distinguished Cadet Badge: Awarded to the 3rd year cadet with high moral character and outstanding military potential. The recipient will hold the Leadership, Superior Performance, Achievement, Academic, LDR, and Service Ribbons. As selected by the SASI, this badge is passed to the following recipient at the end of the school year.

(2) Aerospace Education Foundation (AEF): Awarded to rising Junior and Senior cadets for academic excellence as signified by attaining a minimum 3.3-grade point average (GPA) with no grade below a 2.0 GPA on their transcript. The SASI must recommend the individuals.

(3) Model Rocketry Badge: Awarded to cadets who have fulfilled model rocketry program requirements and competed in at least one JLBC sanctioned competition.

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