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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Titles and forms of address for U.S. officials—Continued

First Sergeant Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant

Arranging Visits for Dignitaries

JLBC Planning

Sergeant Doe

At the HQDA level, an executive agent is designated to plan the visit of a foreign dignitary. At other stations, the respective protocol offices execute the Planning for the visit of a dignitary with guidance from an executive agent or specific requests from the dignitary. An aide for a U.S. dignitary will coordinate with the administrative agent or local protocol project officer. The aide or escort officer may experience specific logistic, social, and protocol problems. Often the itinerary has been clearly defined by higher authority, and all that is required of the aide or escort officer is to carry out the plan. However, an inexperienced planner may fail to anticipate unexpected and troublesome details. Imaginative forethought combined with common sense will generally avoid embarrassing surprises. Careful consideration must also be given to security requirements in the early planning stages of the visit.

b. The last-minute details of the visit must be carefully planned and a realistic timetable established. The names of all persons in any way associated with the holiday, their exact duties and schedules, and the transportation of persons and luggage should all be laid out well in advance.

c. Planning should include, but not be limited to, the elements below.

(1) Ensure that all arrangements, including reservations for hotels and restaurants, are in writing.

(2) Provide for special dietary needs required by national custom, religious convictions, or individual dietary


(3) Ensure that dignitaries are met and seen off by officers of equal rank whenever possible. As a general rule, this

requires that a general officer be present at the arrival and departure of a general officer on an official visit. (4) Ensure that all drivers of the official party are briefed regarding their schedules and are given exact directions so

that they can operate independently if they become separated from the other vehicles.

(5) Ensure a folder is prepared for each member of the visiting party. The folder should contain, as a minimum, a

map of the area, the local itinerary, and lists of room assignments and telephone numbers.

(6) Provide billeting for the escort officer in the same building as the dignitary when possible. If not, make suitable

transportation available to the escort.

(7) Set aside enough time in the schedule for meetings, calls, meals, changes of clothes, coffee breaks, visits to

shopping facilities, occasional rest periods, and transportation. The planner should time they travel from place to place and allow extra time for boarding vehicles and transferring baggage.

(8) Ensure an aide is available from their armed service. Frequently, aides are officers of the highest caliber and are destined for future positions of authority in their country. They will form lasting impressions about the United States and the JLBC based on the treatment they receive as visiting party members. Give special attention to their transportation, dining, and recreational needs. Their living accommodations should at least be single rooms in hotels and distinguished visitors' quarters. Room assignments should be in keeping with their status as members of a dignitary's party rather than their rank.

(9) Carefully plan the schedules for spouses of guests, especially those of foreign guests. Determine their interests and make plans for the following:

(a) Sightseeing trips to places of historical interest, scenic views, or whatever the local area offers.

(b) Shopping tours (if excellent stores offer American-made products). These may include fashion shows.

(c) Luncheons. If the dignitary is given a staff luncheon, his wife is given a luncheon by her American hostess or another high-ranking official's wife. American officials' wives attend. Notable local citizens are invited, such as those of the exact national origin as the guest and the wives of consular officials in the area.

(d) Tea hosted by one of several American wives to honor the visitor and her companions.

The escort officer

An a. The selection of an escort officer is a difficult task. The choice cannot be based solely on the availability of a particular officer. Not all officers are suitable as escorts because they have differences in appearance, bearing, background, and experience.

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