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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Documents reviewed by the incoming cadet group commander, who will develop a proposed listing for SASI/ASI review. The following will be considered in selections.

(1) Individual desire/interest.

(2) Grade in school/years in JLBC.

(3) Current rank/position.

(4) Previous experience.

(5) Academic performance.

(6) Attitude/Conduct

(7) Professionalism/Maturity.

(8) Self-discipline.

(9) JLBC participation.

(10) Leadership ability / Attendance at a JLBC

b. To be eligible for appointment and maintain a unit position, a cadet must possess at least a “B” in JLBC. They must also demonstrate an exceptional attitude, military bearing, and effective leadership potential to assume positions of higher responsibility.

c. 2nd-4th year cadets usually fill cadet staff positions. First-year cadets will not typically be considered for cadet officer positions. However, consideration is given to previous military studies experiences, such as JLBC Patrol or cadets in higher grade levels. Cadets must attend a JLBC to advance to a cadet officer rank, but this may be waived by the SASI based on the needs of the corps.

JLBC Cadet Officer Promotions: Cadet officer ranks are considered “temporary ranks,” and only a select number of cadets will be promoted to officer ranks. Cadets may be encouraged to an officer rank at the beginning of each school year and again at the beginning of the 2nd semester. The officer corps will be comprised of those cadets with a demonstrated interest in JLBC as indicated by grades, shown leadership abilities, and completion of the following criteria:

a. Successfully complete a Cadet Leadership Course (if available).

b. Maintain grade eligibility and be of the highest moral character.

c. Apply for and be selected to fill an officer position vacancy.

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