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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Attend the cadet officer promotion ceremony.

As in the active JLBC, evaluation and promotion are based upon several factors. The JLBC calls this the “WHOLE PERSON” concept. Consideration is given to each of the following qualities:

Academic Leadership: How well does the Cadet perform on homework, quizzes,

examinations, class projects, and uniform wear? Are assignments completed on time and in a thorough manner?

Organizational Leadership: How well does the cadet function in leadership positions in the organization? Has the Cadet earned the respect of subordinates? Does the Cadet give proper consideration to associates?

Co-curricular Activity Leadership: To what degree does the Cadet carry interest and enthusiasm beyond the classroom? Does the Cadet demonstrate excellence in several outside team activities?

Demonstrate Integrity: There are many ways in which a cadet can show integrity. The most evident include doing the right thing even when no one is looking, owning up to mistakes, not shifting the blame on others, and modeling the expected behavior of other cadets.

Service before Self: How active is the Cadet regarding service to the community, school, and the cadet organization?

Excellence: Does the Cadet strive to do their best daily?

f. Officer Oath: New cadet officers will be required to attend a promotion ceremony where they will recite the official oath as written below:

“I, (state your name) ______, at this moment accept appointment as a cadet officer in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, with full knowledge of the duties and responsibilities attached to this position. I will live by and uphold the Cadet Honor Code. I will always seek integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all I do. I will model expected behavior and be a mentor to junior cadets. I will perform the duties of my position, accept responsibility, and conduct myself as a cadet officer at all times. I further understand that I must continue throughout the school year to demonstrate my ability to hold the office to which I have been appointed.”

Note: the SASI has final approval authority/waiver for all officer promotions.

JLBC Enlisted Cadet Promotions: Cadets may progress through the enlisted cadet ranks from Cadet Airman Basic through Cadet Senior Master Sergeant. There are three opportunities for cadets to apply for promotion, once at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters.

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