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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

In many cases, selecting an officer with a speaking knowledge of the guest's language is necessary. However, an officer with absolute fluency may be a less suitable escort officer than another with somewhat less fluency. c. There are effective escort officers at all levels and in any organization. Sometimes, a commander may not want to part with a valued subordinate even for a few days. The officer planning the visit must then use remarkable tact and convince

the commander that the foreign dignitary's visit is in the best interest of the JLBC.

d. The overall escort officer has charge of the entire visit or tour, but it may be advisable to appoint a local escort

the official familiar with the local installation or activity that the dignitary is to visit.

e. The local escort officer should be chosen carefully and briefed on the local schedule. The briefing, including

likely problems and best solutions should include the following often overlooked points:

(1) Uniform requirements are made for all planned activities. Escorts must know that they too have to be in the

prescribed uniform for the event.

(2) The local escort officer must keep the overall escort officer informed of the schedule and any changes. The

local escort officer makes every attempt to avoid surprises. The general escort officer is informed of any special requests or wishes of the dignitary.

(3) Both escort officers must know where emergency-type facilities (that is, dry cleaners, shoe repair, and so forth) are located so that they can take care of any requirements the dignitary or escort may have.

(4) The overall escort officer is told of the toasts to be offered at formal luncheons and dinners and for the correct responses to them. The general escort officer must also know about any speeches or press interviews that are to be given by the dignitary.

(5) The escorts must have information or reference material handling any emergency, such as messing, transportation, and medical needs.

(6) It is wise to have an escort for a foreign wife. When choosing her escort, consider her language, age, and position. Escorts may be female officers or Service wives whose language capabilities, travel, or work would make them valuable to the guest.

JLBC Entertaining foreign dignitaries

In planning a local schedule, it tends to resort to more ordinary entertainment since it is easiest to prepare. Use unique local resources to vary the guests' exposure to American entertainment. By sharing the host's responsibility with different groups, visitors are exposed to larger social circles. Local civic organizations are often willing to help entertain visiting dignitaries. Although many prefer to invite persons of equal position to dinner or small parties, some variety may improve more extensive functions such as receptions. When possible, include guests of the exact national origin as the guest of honor and a representative selection of junior officers.

a. Menus. At the same time, the invitations are sent out; the menu should be planned. The most crucial aspect in planning menus for foreign guests is dietary restrictions. Guests may say that once they are outside their country, they conform to local customs.

Note. Individual dietary restrictions may vary. When entertaining foreign guests, it is best, when in doubt, to contact the State Department Office of Protocol or the embassy of the foreign country.

b. Beverages. Many foreign guests do not drink alcoholic beverages. The host should provide a complete range of drinks from orange juice and light alcoholic beverages (such as Compare and soda) to heavier drinks, such as scotch and soda.

c. Aids to entertainment. Biographic notes on guests and country information sheets are invaluable in aiding conversation. Sending guest lists to U.S. guests helps them become familiar with foreign names. Names with pronunciations unfamiliar to English-speaking persons may also be spelled phonetically. The same courtesy may be extended to foreign guests.

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